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Stranded with an Alien Vampire

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Upcoming Release:
His Human Runaway
February 29, 2024

In August of 2023 I discovered I had Grade 2 Uterine Cancer. Then underwent Robotic Total Hysterectomy on 10/2. Good news - the cancer was contained and it's gone! I just finished my Radiation Therapy sessions. Whew! No chemo. All done. Take THAT cancer! 

The outlook for 2024 is bright and healthy and I'm excited to get back to writing full time! 

Because I was battling serious health issues Aug - Dec of 2023 I had to taken down His Human Runaway which was originally set to release at the end of Sept. But good news - it's back! His Human Runaway is again on preorder and will release Feb 29th. 

Yes you'll have to preorder it all over again - all the original preorders were lost. 

I think you'll really like this one! He's a flame-throwing, satanic-looking Hyrrokin rancher who finds her hurt and alone on his property in the wildlands. He takes her in and shenanigans as well as love ensue. Lol. 

Thank you for your patience and your kind words of encouragement during these trying times. Knowing all of you were patiently waiting for the HHR release and for the next books in my other series has meant a lot to me. I appreciate all of you so much!!!!!

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