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Wyric, Zaxon and Bex.

Trish can’t stop staring at the three Xylan warriors who’ve recently moved in next door. She’s supposed to be helping them upgrade their facility, but she can’t keep her eyes off their sharp fangs and fierce claws.

Wanting them. All three of them.

But these males are Xylan Triumvirates, non-identical brothers who share a special bond. And they’ve been deemed dangerous and removed from the Xylan mating database for a valid reason: no female can withstand a claiming by three Xylan warriors at once, and come out alive. But Trish isn’t just any female. She’s a Cyborg, and therefore her response is:

Bring. It. On.

Trish might be the only female in the four sectors willing to take on all three of these ferocious warriors, and their shared enemy. But can an emotionally stunted female truly claim their hearts… and their love?

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