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“Who stole my lunch?”

Cannibal’s carefully packed work lunches keep disappearing day after day. Only his. Grrr. Someone obviously appreciates expert cooking, but this constant thievery is about to throw him into a berserker rage. He has to track down this atrocity.

“Don’t feed it,” his brothers warn, “you’ll just encourage it to scavenge.”

But Cannibal can’t stay away because someone, or something, is hiding in an abandoned section of the Illibrium mine and stealing his food! This has to stop, now. But, as he leaves prepared lunches for the mysterious female with the luscious scent, he finds himself moving deeper into the old mine, needing to ascertain her safety…and finally he comes face-to-face with the female he’s been feeding. He’s found her. And she’s… a human female of royal pigment?

Oh hell, she’s too good for him.

They’ll never let him touch her. They’ll never let him keep her. He wants her as his Bride, but he can’t.

But he’ll die trying.

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