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Waking up in med bay with temporary amnesia is terrible.

But Melachine is managing to live through the trauma of memory loss with the help of her doting mate, Kroga of Seventy-Five. He’s vowed to love her with unspoken devotion until days turn into time. And he has. He so has.

She’s desperately attracted to this sexy warrior, happily sharing his bunk, and living with him (and their kittens) in the Swirl. He’s told her why they’re hiding on the edge of the universe and why they have to keep their whereabouts secret, but she can’t seem to remember…

And then one day a flood of shattering memories invades Melachine’s mind, wiping away the amnesia and turning her world upside down with the blazing light of knowledge. She’s left standing shakily on the bridge, realizing nothing is as it seems.

Everything Kroga told her was a lie.

But does that include his love…?

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