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He’s found his mate and he’s keeping her.

Jacole is supposed to leave in the morning to start training at Quantico. Instead she’s been kidnapped by asshole space pirates who are about to sell her and the other women they’ve captured as sex slaves to the highest bidder. Oh hell, no. Jacole vows they’ll soon realize they’ve caught the wrong damn human. She organizes a mutiny to take down the f*kers who’ve kidnapped them…but the plan is interrupted when someone blows a hole in the side of the ship.

A seven foot tall lethal warrior emerges from the rubble with a weapon in each clawed hand. Jacole is speechless before this display of manly glory. This Bounty Hunter is easily the handsomest man (alien) she’s ever seen. Her panties are instantly wet. He touches her, kisses her, throws her on his ship and claims her, and vows she’s the female he’s waited all his life to find. His Bride!

What the hell?

Well, he might be a lover like no other and an aggressive and driven male she could actually…admire, but Jacole doesn’t do forever. In order to earn her love, he has to earn her trust.

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