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Jana wed an unmated Illibrium miner.

She was so entranced with him, she threw caution to the wind, testing mating compatibility with Ruxon of Twenty-Seven—unlocking a night of raw passion and words of commitment with a sweaty alien miner in the holodeck of the Hunter station.

But the very next morning her new husband was gone, never to be seen from again. His promises broken and his vows meaningless.

Two months later Jana discovered she was carrying his child.

Now she’s on a mission to find the recalcitrant miner who called her his “Bride”.

At her new job on the mining planet Timbur, Jana finds Ruxon and learns his crew calls him “Heavy”. Her long-lost husband glares at her, as if she were a complete stranger—because she is. He doesn’t remember her.

Ruxon’s amnesia isn’t accidental. Someone is trying to keep them apart. But there’s an old Earth saying: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”


Jana will save her marriage, her baby, and her man, too!

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