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I’ve been set up on a date with a Hyrrokin named Idun Grindstone?

Noooo. This will never work!

How can a human with a significant inheritance have anything in common with a foul-mouthed, satanic-looking security specialist? Smoke regularly wafts out of this guy’s nostrils and his shiny barbed tail juts out in the air behind him as he prowls across the military hanger. But…I’m enchanted with Idun’s deep voice, his massive bare chest and (swoon) those epic thighs. This Hyrrokin is a handsome red devil and oh so touchable. And I want my tongue in his mouth, immediately.

Unfortunately, Idun thinks I’m a spoiled, irresponsible party girl and he wants nothing to do with me.

*eye roll*

Party girl? He must have me confused with my evil twin sister.

And then I’m kidnapped by the Hyrrokin mafia. When Idun finds out, he activates his team at Molten Lava and all hell breaks loose. And that’s when I discover how much this fiery ex-soldier really cares about me—despite his protestations. Ha!

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