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A grumpy alien boss hires a curvy, adorable human female to organize his mess—and vows to never let her go!

I’ve been engaged to the same annoying guy for four long years, and still, no wedding date in sight. Grr. I’m completely fed up with this sham, so I tell my “fiancé” I’m taking a job off planet, hoping this outrageous behavior will allow him to finally break off our ridiculous engagement. It doesn’t. So, I leave and become an organizing consultant to some scary alien.

My grumpy boss is Skoll Strikestone, a fire-breathing satanic-looking soldier with a deep scar bisecting his face. I’m doubting my own sanity in accepting this position, but this guy really, really needs help tidying up. He’s a gruff male taking court-ordered conflict resolution classes and he’s hired me to sort out the hoarding mess he’s created in his cabin in the wildlands.


I soon begin to realize this hot-tempered demon has a soft marshmallow interior. And the hardest abs I’ve ever seen. Those long fangs, serrated claws and barbed tail are actually causing my heart to flutter!

One big problem—I’m technically engaged to someone else, and so is Skoll. And since we’re each still committed to these former “fake” engagements, there can be nothing between us but heated glances and emotional conversations.


Oh hell, I think I’m falling in love with a male I can’t have.

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