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I’m a corporate whistleblower running for my life, so I take the first job I can find off planet.

Now I’m a lowly assistant for some rich devil named Hannibal Hellstone? And when I say “devil,” I mean DEVIL. As in this guy’s skin is dark red, he has shiny black horns, sharp fangs, silver-tipped claws and a barbed tail. This Hyrrokin is scary AF and his eight-year-old son looks just like him. And, he has a sharp-toothed, three-headed, fire-breathing “dog” at his side.


I’m supposed to live with my new boss?

I don’t know anything about kids. And I don’t like pets. But, jeez, this guy is hawt. And his kid is sweet too. My heart cracks open for them—and their “dog.”

Hannibal starts throwing heated glances my way. But if this honorable soldier knew the real me, the girl with the checkered past, would he still want me? Oh well, it’s not like this is going to get serious—he’s told everyone he’s never, ever, going to marry anyone ever again.

This is good, right?

That’s what I want too…right?

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