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A winged, satanic-looking male left his baby on my doorstep.

Why he chose to leave his adorable infant on the porch of a total stranger, and the only human female on Salo for miles, I’ll never know. Babies are completely foreign to me. But I do my best to feed and care for her as if she were my own.

Whispered footsteps and the faint brush of feathers from something muscular and possessive silently enters my home. And then one day I fully see him—the baby’s father. My breath catches in my throat as this devil—slash—angel wraps his white wings around me.

At night my fingers map every inch of his hot-blooded, red-skinned body and each morning I watch as he flies off on yet another “mission”.

Why did this magnificent Hyrrokin male leave his baby with me? And what will I do when he eventually leaves, and takes his daughter with him?

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