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Sofiya wants love, marriage and children. But she can't have that with the alien gladiators who've raided her facility...Or can she?

Sofiya Petrov is stuck in a stand-off with the most celebrated gladiator-athletes in the entire four sectors. Two muscle-bound celebrities who insist on living and working in the same small section of the Swirl with her—a section they each declare is legally their property.

And neither side is willing to back down.

And she’s not attracted to the winners of season twenty-five of Gladiator Nation and their tree-trunk thighs and acres of shiny scales undulating over hard abs. Because that’s just wrong. Right? Creekan and humans aren’t even breeding compatible.

They’re arrogant.

They want to share her bunk, but they don’t want her as anything more than a temporary pleasure mate, which is just…insulting.

And yet, why didn’t anyone warn her that her heart could be in jeopardy in this situation?

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