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Daxon of Seven is trying to take make it through the first day of a new job. After being kicked out of the Illibrium mines, he’s starting a brand-new career as a Bounty Hunter. And with his ferocious size and mighty fists, he figures he’ll be a great fit. On day one he starts his ship, leaves dock and finds a stowaway.

A delicate New Earth female is sleeping in his bunk. Meanwhile, some rich idiot is screaming, red-faced through the holo vid that she’s his bride and he wants her returned, immediately.

He should give her back—rich idiot has powerful friends. Except he’s inhaled her scent and he’s 99% certain this tiny human is destined to be his mate. Therefore, this precious cargo is his.

And if anyone feels different…they’ll have to go through Daxon first.

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