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A grumpy alien war veteran lives alone on the edge of town in a dusty mansion. He’s a recluse with sharp fangs and a questionable amount of alien blood stored in his fridge.

I should stay away from this big guy, like everyone else does. But his gorgeous, molten gaze causes my heart to flutter and I’m fascinated with the sound of his deep, luscious voice. I’m the only one he’s ever spoken to and I want to know him better. I need to draw him out from his isolation, but how?

It turns out the sullen alien “vampire” enjoys donuts. Perfect. So I show up on his property to deliver pastries from my small-town bakery.

And then my car breaks down. He's angry that I'm stuck overnight with him in his spooky mansion but I’m here. He keeps insisting it's "not safe" for me to be near him.

But for some reason, I think he's wrong.

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