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Chief and Naomi! The crew leader finds his Bride!

A mysterious male meets my gaze from across the dance floor.

Mine Corp’s annual Dark Moon Costume Ball on Timbur is held this evening and I’ve managed to snag a ticket. A handsome Margol Xylan male dressed in formal black with a matching black mask has been eyeing me all evening.

And I feel a strange magnetic pull towards this arrogant Illibrium miner I’m trying to avoid.

The clock strikes midnight when he correctly guesses my secret identity and I’m about to be unmasked. Then a dangerous white mist rolls in and the cavern turns dark and foggy. Half of the assembled guests drop to the floor, the other half run screaming. What a mess.

Bayzon’s hand clasps mine as he pulls me to safety.

And the moment our bare skin touches, all hell breaks loose.

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