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I look everywhere for the one and yet she’s nowhere to be found.

I scented my mate and she disappeared before we could meet, leaving behind a forgotten piece of clothing. It’s driving me crazy. I’ve checked every unmated human female, asking if this mysterious red fabric is hers. Pissing off other males in the process, but what do I care? I’m on a quest to find my future bound, no matter what.

But to no avail.

Then my father, the Don of the Hyrrokin mafia, takes a new bound. Suddenly I have a new human stepmother, as well as a young human stepsister—and I’m in charge of this adult stepsister’s safety. “My new daughter is innocent, and I want her to remain that way,” my father orders. “Do not let any of these a-holes touch her.”

Does that include me? And is she the one?

I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

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