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A month-long retreat of rest and relaxation from my high-powered career is just what I need. Until I’m the only human in a rental home community on a distant planet populated by beings who look like satanic devils. Yep.

And on day three of my odd vacay, two young Hyrrokin girls enter my backyard and beg me to date their dad, my neighbor. Somehow their scary-looking widower father, a retired Firestar General, needs a bound and they’ve chosen me as their new mom?

I’ve already received an eyeful over the fence of their alarming and yet unbearably handsome dad, Crydan Flamestone, as he showers each day, fresh off the beach from his morning run. And maybe he’s caught me eyeing his naked red muscles a few times and doesn’t seem to mind?

This does not mean I’m ready to become my neighbor’s wife or gain an instant Hyrrokin, flame-throwing family. These girls are darling, but I’m afraid they’ve picked the wrong female. What do I know about kids?

Anyway, this guy seems to already have a girlfriend.

And she’s all wrong for him.

And I don’t like the way she treats the girls.

Oh shoot. Who am I kidding? Looks like I’m gonna have to meddle!

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