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A drunken, one-night stand with a wild Orc turns into a life-long commitment.

Because I’ve given birth to his twin babies. And now I can’t find the green, horned father of my children, which is really my own fault. He came on strong, calling me his “Bride” and I got scared at the idea of marrying a ferocious Orc. After he passed out next to me, snoring loudly (because he’d finished for the seventeenth time) I slipped out of the hotel bed and sprinted off into the night.

A year later, our babies are three months old and it’s nearly impossible, caring for the needs of Orc twins all on my own.

My babies need their daddy. And maybe…I need him too?

After hiring a private investigator, I’ve found the exact commune he lives on in the wilds of Maine.

And I’m bringing him two sweet treats for Halloween—his twin sons.

324271323_3593794740840397_3552282793065464371_n (1).jpg

Sweet Monster Treats

Twins for the Wild Orc is a sweet and steamy monster romance that is part of the Sweet Monster Treats collection. Each book is a standalone, containing its own Happily Ever After, and they can be read in any order. Be sure to explore the other titles in the collection:

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Cupcakes For My Orc Enemy by Honey Phillips
The Single Mom and the Orc by Honey Phillips
Single Dad Orc by Ava Ross
Twins for the Wild Orc by Michele Mills

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