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I accidentally read through my boss’s private communications.

And maybe discovered he thinks humans acquire mates only through million-dollar secret auctions. In fact, he’s going to an auction house tonight to purchase a girlfriend.

I am horrified.

Mr. Tusk is sixteen years older than me and I’m his personal assistant. We’ve never met in real life, but I’m mesmerized by his picture on my desk—his striking red eyes, wide shoulders and the distinguished grey hair at his temples. Those deadly retractable tusks are an added bonus.

Too bad he’d never go for a younger woman like me.

But I need to protect my filthy rich boss from these unscrupulous humans tricking him into paying for companionship. That’s why I’m here “undercover” at the auction house tonight, about to strut half-naked, on stage for a crowd of mysterious bidders.
But when a ferocious Derwen Tusk roars out his winning bid for me from the back of the darkened audience, I’m suddenly worried this plan might not work out like I thought.

Michele Series Reveal.png

The series where the Highest Bidder always wins!
Welcome to a one-of-a-kind Auction House where humans, shifters, and aliens bid on love.
These ultra-rich men are ready to bring home their virgin prizes.
Are you ready to join in and wish you were the one on the auction block?

Three standalone stories by best-selling steamy romance authors, Hope Ford, Olivia T. Turner, and Michele Mills. You’ve never seen an auction house like this!

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