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He’s big. He’s bad. His claws are epic.

Frantic to avoid detection, Lila hides for the night in a condemned outbuilding on the edge of town. She checks each bunk for comfort and rests on the one with a strangely enticing scent and falls into an exhausted sleep.

One problem—this place isn’t abandoned. Miners actually live here. And she’s chosen Zayzon’s bed. The loudest, tallest and sharp-clawed out of a band of tragically messy Xylan brothers who can’t clean to save their lives. And he keeps standing much too close. And sniffing her hair. And muttering something about mating compatibility.


She’s just that desperate, so she offers to become their housekeeper if they’ll let her stay. The brothers accept, and Lila cleans up their freaking mess, relieved to have somewhere safe to live. Meanwhile, Zayzon keeps insisting that she continue to sleep on his bunk. And she keeps accepting! Because it’s getting harder and harder to deny her attraction for his possessive gaze, razor-sharp claws and his large… um, personality?

But Lila can’t fall for anyone, even a scary male who turns out to be cuddly. Not when demons from her past are about to return for their down payment.

Can a human save an alien miner’s life, without breaking his heart?

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